Considering a new website, but…

  • What do I say?
  • How does it work?
  • Why change my site now?
  • Where can I find a team to build my website for a limited budget?
  • Who can I trust to be sure my site is secure?

Here are the answers… Showcase Websites!

What do I say?

  • Perfect for “time poor” businesses
  • Our disciplined, cohesive Blueprint process creates website copy that will resonate with your customers

How does it work?

  • We do it all …. website content, site design through launch
  • Choose Showcase Websites to spotlight your brand and business
  • Our essential first step is creating a concise Brand Blueprint, the foundation for:
    • Copy
    • Visual imagery
    • Brand personality
    • Template selection
    • SEO management
    • Secure hosting

Why change my site now?

  • Websites more than 3 years old look dated
  • Older websites are not responsive; they do not display well on different devices
  • Updates are necessary to communicate new business products, services, and company news to your clients

Where can I find a team to build my website with a limited budget?

  • Showcase Websites focuses on small to mid-size companies with limited budgets
  • Our cost-effective template approach covers:
    • Creating your Brand Blueprint
    • Selecting one of our five proprietary, responsive templates
    • Writing copy, selecting imagery
    • Launching in as little as 4 weeks
    • Secure Hosting – on secure US server

Who can I trust?

  • A Powerful team!
  • Senior brand strategists and technology professionals
  • Vilece Technology Services partnering with The Opportunity Team, a brand marketing consulting firm
    • Vilece Technology Services specializes in making sure your site is secure as all sites are hosted safely at a US data center
    • The Opportunity Team brand marketing specialists develop websites that build your brand and take your business up a level